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  1. Randy Mitson - October 2, 2009 at 06:35

    Stewart, gorgeous pictures from Algonquin Park. I was going to say that I loved on in specific but each has it’s own flavor and feel and is equity spectacular.

    The warm glow of the sunset reflecting off of the billowing clouds and the still water combined with your use of foreground makes this image superb

    Your next image is enhanced by the luscious greens in the foreground, a mist on the water background and the glow of the sun off of the wispy clouds. Nice work.

    Fall colours.. oh I so much love fall colours.. love your use of depth in this image. So many fall colours have a flat field of view, this one draws me in deeper and deeper into the image. Love it.

    and you last image.. classic treeline over still water.. blue sky reflects in the watery depths and classic Canadian granite holds the foreground. Love the perfect reflection and brilliant colours.

    You should take a moment and check out our online “Landscapes of Algonquin” photo contest that is running until Nov 1st 09 on the Algonquin Outfitters website


    Thanks for sharing these with us, enjoyed them very much, you have a wonderful eye.

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